Hannah's journey with Marlin Fine Jewelry is a story of transformation and resilience. Growing up on the small island of Martha's Vineyard, she was immersed in the arts and dreamed of a career in performance. However, her passion shifted in college, where she discovered a love for photography and sculpture. After graduation, she returned to the island and began hand-carving shells, eventually transitioning to metalsmithing. Her intricate designs gained local acclaim, leading her to pursue further education in fine jewelry design and manufacturing at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California.

Marlin Fine jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Oceanside, Calfornia by Hannah Marlin-Oslyn.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her plans, leaving Hannah in a state of uncertainty. The sudden halt of her program and the global crisis brought about deep introspection and doubt. During this challenging time, she was asked to craft a memorial piece for a friend's late father, which rekindled her passion and revealed a new purpose: creating meaningful jewelry that commemorates love and loss. Returning to GIA to complete her Jeweler's program, Hannah's dedication to her craft was reignited, and she continued to advance her skills, earning the President’s Scholarship to complete yet another GIA program focusing on Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Hannah's brand, Marlin Fine Jewelry, gained significant attention when a TikTok video of one of her memorial rings went viral. This surge in demand allowed her to connect with a broader audience, each client bringing unique stories and emotions to be captured in her pieces. Despite the growing popularity, Hannah takes her time with each client and creation, ensuring that every piece of jewelry tells a heartfelt story. Her work is characterized by empathy, craftsmanship, and excellence, as she remains committed to honoring the memories of passed loved ones through her art.

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