But I haven’t always been a SoCal girl- I was raised 3000 miles away on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. After college I found the art of metalsmithing and built a brand called Littlest Fish.

In 2019 my high school boyfriend (now husband) Justin and I moved across the country so I could study fine jewelry and design at the Gemological Institute of America.

And after an immediate lockdown in our new home, a secret desert elopement, and LOT of school, Marlin Fine Jewelry was born.

Marlin Fine jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Oceanside, Calfornia by Hannah Marlin-Oslyn.

A year into Marlin I was tasked with creating a memorial ring for a friend. Many of the offerings she had seen online felt far too manufactured and impersonal for her beloved late father- and I agreed. So we made something worth remembering him by. My heart grew 10x the day she received her ring. To have the ability to create something so precious to hold the remains of the person she loved the most in this life felt like the greatest gift.

From that day on I made it my goal to use my skills and love for jewelry to help others memorialize their loved ones too. The rest is history.

Though memorial work is inherently morbid and at times very heavy- it’s important to let you all know that the person behind it is full of life.

I’m a goofy goober and am always making people laugh. I love to cook and sing and embarrass myself. My cat and dog are my children (idk what to tell you I’m a millennial). I spend more time at breweries than any gluten intolerant person should (Justin’s a brewer) and NOTHING makes me feel more at peace than the sound of the ocean.

So while you’re here- while you see what I do and why I do it and who I do it for- I want you to remember something- you have one life. and I truly hope you do something amazing with it.

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